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Meet the Nurses Who Inspire Us - Jennifer Pangan Rousseau, RN, FNP-S

In this blog series, we spoke with four nurses about what inspired them to join the healthcare community. From supportive families to personal experiences, we’re hoping their stories motivate you to chase the career of your dreams. And don’t miss each RN’s best tips for new nurses! 

With her mom as an example, Jennifer Pangan Rousseau chose to become a nurse, too. Jennifer's unique perspective as someone who was raised by a nurse then becoming one herself, has equipped her with some inspiring advice for new nurses.

Where are you from?

  • Seattle, WA

How long have you been a nurse?

  • 5 years

Who inspired you to pursue this career?

  • My mom! She has been a nurse for almost 30 years.

What do you think new nurses should know as they enter the field?

  • My advice to new nurses is to always be sure to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

What are you wearing?

  • Lively Scrub Set in Indigo

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