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Meet the Nurses Who Inspire Us - MaKenna Davis, RN, CLC

In this blog series, we spoke with four nurses about what inspired them to join the healthcare community. From supportive families to personal experiences, we’re hoping their stories motivate you to chase the career of your dreams. And don’t miss each RN’s best tips for new nurses! 


With almost four years under her belt as a NICU nurse, MaKenna Davis knows how different the healthcare landscape is for those just now entering the field. Read on for her inspiring tips to prevent burnout!

Where are you from?

  • I was born & raised in the beautiful PNW, & my heart & home belongs in Oregon. 💚

How long have you been a nurse?

  • I am coming up on 4 years as a Neonatal ICU nurse (NICU RN) with a CLC certification. 

Who inspired you to pursue this career?

  • I am lucky to have very motivating parents who I’ve always wanted to make proud of my achievements. With a lot of dedication from student peers, faculty, and friends in both high school & college, I was able to navigate healthcare volunteer opportunities, job shadows, and more, which then led me to nursing school.

What do you think new nurses should know as they enter the field?

  • I think new nurses are entering the field during a very different era in healthcare from when I started, which wasn’t that long ago. Times seem tougher these days in healthcare, with more staff burnout and patients who are very unhappy to be in the hospital. It’s important to give grace to ourselves as we are learning and growing. You should treat your job like you would school by staying motivated and dedicated to furthering your knowledge and never being afraid to ask questions. Also making time for good-work life balance to avoid the stress that causes burnout.

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