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Meet the Nurses Who Inspire Us - Rachel Quaternik, NICU RN

In this blog series, we spoke with four nurses about what inspired them to join the healthcare community. From supportive families to personal experiences, we’re hoping their stories motivate you to chase the career of your dreams. And don’t miss each RN’s best tips for new nurses! 

Nurse Rachel Quaternik has made San Diego her home after falling in love during a travel contract. See what inspired her to become a NICU nurse, plus tips for new nurses joining the field!

Where are you from?

  • I am from California, was from LA county and currently residing in San Diego from a travel contract I took (and decided to stay).

  • How long have you been a nurse?

  • I’ve been a NICU nurse for 7 years.

  • Who inspired you to pursue this career?

  • My step mom and dad first Introduced the idea to me when I was in high school (my step mom is an aesthetic nurse) but it took a life or death situation with my mom to fully make me want to be a nurse. My mom had open heart surgery and had to stay in the ICU for a while. I remember how the nurses treated me and my sisters and we’re just so wonderful to my mom. That’s what made me want to become a nurse.

  • What do you think new nurses should know as they enter the field?

  • Don’t forget to take care of “YOU” before you take care of your patients. On your days off rest and recharge so you can be at your very best while your caring for them!! (I’m still learning this)

  • What are you wearing?

  • Bree Tuck-In Top & Kim Scrub Pant in Rose Splash

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