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Notes to a New Nurse: You Got This!

Transitioning from student life to being a full-time nurse can be challenging. Not only are you getting acclimated to a new job, but you also deal with inconsistent sleep, night shifts, long hours on your feet, a high-pressure environment, and new situations you may not know how to handle yet. But you also have a cohort of nurses, in your workplace and around the world, who have been through this experience and can share their wisdom and encouragement. 


We asked current or retired RNs, LPNs, nurse practitioners, etc. what they think new nurses should know as they enter the field. We received so many helpful responses, and we’re sharing their feedback in this four-part series. 


Here are their tips for handling burnout, stress, long shifts, and more.


  • You won’t know everything but you will always keep learning! Go forth with confidence and compassion ❤️ - @alexisjory
  • Don’t just do something and make a mistake, make sure you know that you’re 100% positive in what you have to do for your patient. Make sure to double-check everything and if you’re unsure ask! - @evelynmgombar
  • Skilled sailors never come from smooth waters and the toughest days [are] the days that make you. Give yourself grace, time, and know that nursing isn’t for everyone because it truly is a work of heart. You got this! - @mjbeautyrn
  • It’s a tough job, but so are YOU and the impact you have on your patients makes it all worth it. - @bitesandbargains 
  •  I would say be easy on yourselves. Nursing is a career of never-ending learning. There will be days you’ll love it and have that “[this] is what I was born to do” moment and the other days you’ll be like “is it time to clock out, I’ve had enough.” - @brittburrito
  • Start wherever makes you happy and don’t let anybody tell you where you should start! - @dancer_forever128
  • Treat your patients as if they were one of your love[d] ones and remember hard work pays off 🔥 - @victoriaaparedes


Whenever you have a tough day, remember that you are not alone and every challenge is part of the learning process. You got this!


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