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Cat Golden, the founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses

During National Nurses Month we had a chance to speak with Cat Golden, the founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses. She started this business with the goal of supporting nurses as humans first, and nurses second. In July, Barco was thrilled to participate in Nurse Giveback Night, an annual event that celebrates nurses’ hard work by giving them a chance to let loose and have fun.


Cat is an awesome example of how nurses make a difference not just in the workplace, but in their communities as well. Her Q&A shows the passion and compassion that makes nurses so special.


How old were you when you decided you wanted to pursue your career?

I was 24 years old.


What (or whom) inspired you to enter this field? Can you tell us that story?

I originally went to college to obtain a business degree with the plan to run a nonprofit. I've always wanted to help people and loved business. I got a job at a nonprofit in Colorado, and I loved the organization but hated sitting behind a desk all day. I met my best friend working there. She was pregnant with her first daughter, who we found out had spina bifida. We both decided to go back to nursing school to take care of her. That's how I ended up in pediatrics.

 Two nurses smiling while pointing at screen wearing headphones

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part is making big decisions quickly and figuring it all out as you go. There's no manual or anyone else to ask. I'm the boss, so I just have to make the best decision I can and move forward.


How do you recharge your batteries after a shift?

I am adamant about working out. I feel so much better mentally after working out or even going for a walk.


It's ok to not know everything! Ask a ton of questions and be comfortable with being a beginner and taking action to figure it out and learn.



What’s something about yourself that few people know?

I was homeschooled for five years. I'm so outgoing and extroverted that no one believes me.


What is one piece of advice you’d give someone starting out in your field?

It's ok to not know everything! Ask a ton of questions and be comfortable with being a beginner and taking action to figure it out and learn.


What is your favorite quote?

Inaction breeds doubt and fear, action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear do not sit at home and think about it, go out and get busy. - Dale Carnegie


What are your favorite Barco scrubs or sets? Why?

The Grey's Anatomy jogger pants are my favorite for sure!! They fit perfectly and are SO comfortable.

 Nurse kneeling down and smiling for the camera

What’s a notable moment or experience you’ve had with Nurses Inspire Nurses that changed the game for you?

A notable moment was being on the Kelly Clarkson Show and being recognized for all we do to give back to nurses.


What’s the most rewarding aspect of Nurses Inspire Nurses?

The most rewarding part is seeing nurses form friendships and connect with other nurses. Nurses have made lifelong friends from our community. They feel a sense of belonging and are free to be themselves. That lights me up!

 Three nurses gathering for a hug

What is one thing you’d want our audience to know about Nurses Inspire Nurses?

No matter who you are, what kind of nurse you are, you are always welcome in our community as a human first!


What’s your favorite thing about being a small business owner?

I love bringing a product or idea to life. It's so cool to watch something that was once an idea turn into a physical product or event and then to see how happy our community is. It's magical!


Besides nursing/NIN, what is your passion (pets, art, mountain climbing, handbags, etc.)?

I love working out, being at the race track with my boyfriend, anything outside, being with my dog, reading, thrifting and shopping, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, traveling, and eating pizza.


Over the past three years, Cat and the Nurses Inspire Nurses team have helped tens of thousands of nurses go from feeling tired and alone to excited, appreciated, and supported. Through community, merch, events, and an endless amount of fun, Nurses Inspire Nurses has grown to a seven-figure business, attracting national media and a feature in Forbes.


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