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In the Details: How Barco Makes the Best-Fitting Scrubs

Fabric, fit, and function are the qualities that separate “laundry day” scrubs from the set at the top of your workwear rotation. A uniform that fits well not only looks better, but it feels better as you move through your day. Unlike other scrub brands that outsource their patterns, here at Barco we design our scrubs in-house from pattern to prototype to ensure that each style is of the highest quality.


What follows is a walkthrough of our design process and how we turn a sketch into the scrubs you love.



Each Barco garment begins with a sketch of the new style. Once that sketch is approved, the design team sends a callout sheet to the pattern team. The callout sheet features a diagram of the sketch with all of the styling details, such as the type of waistband or neckline, pockets, seams, fabric, and trim.


Medical scrub pattern laid out on the table

The pattern team then creates a pattern and itemizes the raw materials needed for the design as well as all of the style details, such as the number of pockets and any pocket closures, type of waistband, and the fit/silhouette (i.e. mid-rise jogger). Once these details are gathered, the pattern team creates a mock-up of the style.



The mock-up is placed on the pattern table or a dress form and examined to make sure the size, placement, and proportion of the styling details is correct. The pattern team makes any necessary adjustments before creating a fully finished prototype, or iteration. The iterations are fit on live models and altered accordingly. After the iteration is perfected, the designers create the final prototype, which is sent to the manufacturer to use as a template for bulk production.

 Scrub top pattern and mock up laid on a table

The Barco Fit Process

The fit process is crucial to refining the iterations and perfecting the final prototype. Barco works with four fit models throughout the fit process: one for regular women’s, one for women’s plus, one for regular men’s, and one for men’s plus. This ensures that our scrubs fit a variety of shapes and sizes.

 Scrub top fitting process on a mannequin

Many people are involved in the fit process. Barco is privileged to have our own fabric cutters and sewers, as well as our own grader, who uses the base size pattern to create additional sizes. The design, pattern, and product development teams all work closely with the fabric cutters, sewers, and grader throughout the fit process. And because we develop all patterns and prototypes in-house, each design can be perfected to our exacting standards in a timely manner.


During each fitting, the pattern team carefully compares the garment’s measurements to the target measurements for its size. This helps the pattern team to determine the most appropriate measurements for both optimal fit and consistency. Additionally, the design, merchandising, pattern, and product development teams examine the styling details, trims, and garment construction to ensure that each style has a fashion-forward aesthetic and quality craftsmanship while being cost-effective and production-friendly.


Every Barco scrub style is designed with craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail. And having fully in-house design teams means that we never have to compromise our standards. Everything that healthcare workers do matters, so our scrubs are made to matter.


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