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Barco Uniforms Announces “Made to Matter” Award Recipient

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Barco Uniforms, a recognized leader of design innovation in the premium healthcare apparel industry, today announced it has awarded the second annual “Made to Matter” Award to the pediatric residents of the Rutgers Health Newark Beth Israel Pediatric Residency. As a reward, Barco will gift each person a set of Barco scrubs and donate $5,000 to the hospital’s pediatric residency education program.

Residents at CHoNJ were selected for their commitment to providing the best medical care to children undergoing medical treatment and bringing hope to them and their families.

As a premier healthcare provider for children, CHoNJ offers specialized treatment for pediatric patients who are injured or have ailing health. As the main provider to a vulnerable community, patient advocacy is a major part of resident training as a means of addressing social determinants of health for the children treated by residents. The hospital understands that children have unique needs when it comes to medical care; therefore, all patients receive treatment in a calming and compassionate atmosphere with dedicated medical workers, including the 49 honored pediatric residents.

“The process of becoming a pediatrician is not an easy one, especially amid a pandemic,” said Dr. Ketan Kansagra, program director, Pediatric Residency. “This group of residents was asked to take care of adult patients in addition to their normal pediatric duties — and contributed in a remarkable way to the ongoing health of the community we serve. We are grateful for their dedication and honored to be the recipients of Barco’s Made to Matter Award.”

“The value of caring for others is woven into the very thread of Barco’s mission,” said David Murphy, president and CEO of Barco Uniforms. “The Children’s Hospital’s pediatric residents exemplify this mentality. They represent the future of pediatric medicine in New Jersey and throughout the nation, and we are honored to celebrate their achievements to date – as well as what they will bring to the future of pediatric care.”


About Barco Uniforms

Founded in 1929, Barco Uniforms is a leader of design innovation in the premium professional apparel industry, designing award-winning premium uniforms that elevate and honor the individual in the healthcare, enterprise and food service industries. Barco Uniforms is headquartered in Los Angeles with approximately 225+ local employees across multiple disciplines including design, product development, marketing, sales, supply chain, and distribution. For more information, please visit:


Keeping Hope Alive

In 2008, Barco's Nightingales Foundation (BNF) was founded by Barco's Chairman of the Board, Michael Donner, and his wife, Frida, in hopes of lifting-up the lives of children around the world, in honor of Healthcare Professionals. For more information about how you can support the foundation, please visit:

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