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Barco One Featured Vet Record Magazine

Publication: Vet Record Journal | The official Journal of the British Veterinary Association (BVA)
Section: Business + Innovation
Featured Veterinary Products: Barco One: Veterinarian’s #1 Scrub Choice

“Barco Uniforms says its scrubs now feature antistatic properties, releasing animal hair quickly from the surface of the fabric. They also feature four-way stretch for comfort have moisture-wicking properties and a temperature-regulating component. Barco One scrubs are also made using recycled plastic bottles, says the company.”


About Barco Uniforms

Founded in 1929, Barco Uniforms is a leader of design innovation in the premium professional apparel industry, designing award-winning premium uniforms that elevate and honor the individual in the healthcare, enterprise and food service industries. Barco Uniforms is headquartered in Los Angeles with approximately 225+ local employees across multiple disciplines including design, product development, marketing, sales, supply chain, and distribution. For more information, please visit:


Keeping Hope Alive

In 2008, Barco's Nightingales Foundation (BNF) was founded by Barco's Chairman of the Board, Michael Donner, and his wife, Frida, in hopes of lifting-up the lives of children around the world, in honor of Healthcare Professionals. For more information about how you can support the foundation, please visit:

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