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Nurse Burnout Is Real. Tackle It Together with Barco.

When every shift feels like you’re running a marathon, you need to show up physically and mentally prepared so you can go the distance. You got into nursing to care for others and make a difference in their lives, but challenging workplace conditions sometimes make that goal seem like a mirage—right there but always out of reach. Longer shifts, chaotic schedules, more paperwork. Add to that the physical and emotional demands of the job, and you could quickly be on the road to burnout—if you don’t take care of yourself.


What is nurse burnout?


Burnout is a condition caused by chronic, unmanaged workplace stress. The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies it by the following symptoms:

  • feeling exhausted or sapped of energy
  • increased mental distance (“checking out”) from the job
  • cynical attitude toward work
  • diminished job performance


A 2022 study found that 52% of nurses are considering leaving their current position. Among acute-care nurses, 60% report feeling burned out, and 75% say they feel stressed, frustrated, and exhausted. Reasons for this vary, but the gist is that too many nurses feel work negatively affects their health and well-being, and they are unable to deliver quality care.


Nursing shortages add to the problem. An April 2022 analysis of the nursing workforce found that the number of RNs in the U.S. decreased by more than 100,000 from 2020 to 2021. This was the largest recorded drop in the last 40 years.


Combatting nurse burnout


Barco has been working on behalf of nurses for nearly a century. As new problems arise for nurses, we help resolve them. Now, the problem is burnout. There are so many causes of burnout and so many systemic issues in nursing that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel tired, apathetic, and depressed.


But burnout is not your fault. Too many nurses are expected to make the best of a tough situation with hardly any support. It’s unfair and unsustainable, but there is something you can do about it.


One of the most effective ways to feel better is to incorporate exercise into your day. It could be yoga at home in the morning, climbing stairs on your lunch break, or going to an after-work HIIT class. Exercise in all its forms can help combat workplace stress. Plus, joining a class or exercising with friends has the added benefit of giving you much-needed social support. There are plenty of ways to build fitness into your daily routine. It’s always a good time to start, and you might be surprised by what a difference it makes.


Enter to win epic experiences in our Barco Burnout Challenge Giveaway.


We can’t end stress, but we can help prevent the feeling of helplessness in the face of burnout. We’ve created a contest that encourages nurses and HCPs to burn energy in the gym or studio with the goal of stopping work burnout before it starts.


Enter to win one of three incredible giveaways, including the following:

  • a home fitness kit, including a virtual trainer and accessories
  • a stationary bike with a six-month subscription and accessories
  • an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC to attend a Peloton Studio workout


All winners will also receive a Peloton swag bag and a three-piece Barco One scrub set from our latest performance knit collection.


Barco One: for the healthcare athlete


To work in healthcare is to perform under pressure every single day. It feels like a game (one part contact sport, another part marathon) without a final buzzer or offseason. It’s always go time.


Barco One performance knit scrubs are built to thrive in this environment. High-stretch, lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics ready you for the day, no matter what it throws at you. Barco One scrubs have the look and feel of your favorite athletic wear with the functionality you need from scrubs. We can’t make the job less stressful, but we can help make you feel as comfortable as possible at work so you can perform at your best.


There are no trophies, championship accolades, or award shows in nursing. There are only the patients in your care—the people who didn’t know they needed you until they did. Barco is here for you, the nurses and HCPs who are the backbone of healthcare. You don’t always get the credit you deserve, but at Barco, we know who the real MVPs are.

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